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Andy's Piano Music - San Antonio Texas

Andrew T. Przybyla - Pianist

Click here to hear "Przybyla" pronounced.



August 2014-Present        Playing double Bass in the Heart of Texas Concert Band   

May-August 2014            Played Double Bass in the Helotes Concert Band

July 2013-August 2014    Played Double Bass in the Helotes Community Jazz Band

Jan. 1997-Present            Freelance Pianist/Keyboardist in San Antonio

Dec. 2013-Jan 2015        Pianist in the Ortega Jazz Quartet, Trio, and Duo

Oct. 2008-July 2013        Piano and Five String Bass for the Sunday Service, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Boerne, TX,        

Sept.-Oct. 2012               Substitute Pianist at the Lobby of the Bank of America Tower

1997-2009                       Played many dates per year for Sturchio Entertainment

April-Sept. 2005              Padre Pio Catholic Church

Dec. 2001                        Keyboard Strings    Christmas Pageant, Corner Stone Church

Nov.2000-June 2001       House Pianist Granite Room, Fredericksburg, TX

1997-1999                       Played many dates with the River City Orchestra in SA, TX

March 98-Oct. 99            Solo Pianist in rotation at the Adam's Mark Hotel 

June 99 - May 2000        Solo Pianist in rotation at the Double Tree Hotel 

1996-2001                    Substitute Pianist at the Tower of America's Lounge

1994-1996                    Piano/Conductor Fiesta Texas Amusement Park:  

                                                Jan.-Nov. 94 Music Country Music

                                                March-Oct. 95 Head for the Hills             

                                                Sept.-Oct 96 Monster Mash Bash

                                                Nov.-Dec. 96 Majesty of Christmas  

                                                Summer of 96 - Substitute Pianist for Country Show


1993                        M.S. Starword, Norwegian/Kloster Cruise Line, May 2 through August 5, 1993  Pianist in six-piece show/dance band  Wrote many musical arrangements

Bill Lovato Band, Denver, CO Five Dates March-April, 1993

MST Entertainment, Denver, CO three dates in April, two dates in August, New Year's Eve, 1993

John Komrada Band, Nashville,TN six dates in the Fall and Winter 1993

Nashville Ballet Fall Winter Accompanist six dates

Attended Fall Semester at Middle Tennesee University Student Taught for Masters of Arts in Teaching Degree. M.A.T.


1992                        M.S. Viking Serenade, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Dec.1 through Feb. 15, 1993, Pianist in a six piece show/dance Band

Scott's Family Resort at Oquaga Lake, Deposit, New York, May 18 through Oct. 14, 1992, Pianist for dinner music, three piece show/dance Band, and accompanist for theatrical productions

M.S. Azure Seas, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Jan. 5 through April, 1992, Pianist in a six piece dance/show band  Wrote many musical arrangements


1991                        Society Dates in the Nashville Area and:   

Dave and Sugar, 20 dates, including a two week Country and Western Cruise on the S.S. Norway and the M.S. Viking Seaward of  the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

M.S. Viking Serenade, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Pianist in six piece show/dance band, Oct. 14 through Nov. 22, 1991

M.S. Sovreign of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Pianist in a six piece show/dance band, Dec. 21 through Jan, 4, 1992

Carl Wallace, Singer, from Feb. 15 through March 8, 1991    Charlie Box one date    Accompanist Oakland H.S.

Acompanist: Nashville Ballet three dates    Centenial Park Ballet Classes three dates    Colorado State Ballet two dates

Christianna Presbyterian Church 10 weeks    Consumer Market Research, Denver, CO, May through June 1991

Attended Spring Semester at Middle Tennessee University Graduate Study


1990                        Society Dates in the Nashville Area

Dave and Sugar 29 dates    Ritz-Carlten (St.Louis, MO) 19 days, March 24 through April 10, 1990    Nashville Ballet two dates

Charlie McClane four dates    Charlie Box, four dates    James Satterwhtie, Penny DeHaven and Dallas Gregory, one date each

Jerry Finley, two dates    Taught piano at the Nashville Music Company Music Store, Feb. through March 1990

Attended Fall Semester 1990 at Middle Tennesse University Graduate Study


1989                         Society Dates in the Nashville Area    Dave and Sugar 21 dates    Indian River five dates    Dick Seeger (Fort Wayne, IN) 4 dates

Jimmy Ellis (Orion without the mask) six dates    Jeff Allen ten dates    Mark Wagner one date    Tony Lyne one date

Paul Ross three dates    Greg Toca, six circus dates in Mass. James Satterwhite, three dates    Gary Bulk two dates

Mason Dixon four dates (Played in the Mason Dixon Band for an Album Release Performance Party.)   

Vanderbilt University Accompanist for Ballet Classes 21dates    Nashville Ballet Accompanist for 19 dates

Attended Spring Semester 1989 at Middle Tennessee University Graduate Study


1988                         Society Gigs in the Nashville Area   

James Sattershite at the City Club 17 dates    Dave and Sugar six dates   Indian River Boys 16 dates    Monroe Brothers, ten dates

Royal Hanneford Circus seven dates Oct.1988    Percy Priest Presbyterian Church, Five weeks June through July

Accompanist Oakland High School eight dates    Gary Bulk one date

Graduate Assistant at Middle Tennessee University for the Spring Semester 1988    Attended Summer Session 1988 at MTSU

Recorded two Jazz tunes at MTSU which had much airplay on WMOT-FM 89.5


1987                         Society Gigs in the Nashville Area

Sea Escape, Day and Three Day Cruises,  June 11 to June 16, 1987  Pianist in a five piece dance/show band.  This ship had no air conditioning and eventually (after I left) caught on fire.

M.S. Jubilee, Carnival Cruise Line, Pianist in a Big Band/Show Band, July 10 to August 16, 1987, also filmed segment for Carnival Cruise Lines Comercial

Tarzan Zerbini International Circus, Memphis April 8 to April 15, 1987, Pianist in Band    Accompanist at Oakland H.S.

Circus USA, Ashville , NC, April 26-27, 1987 and Miami, Fl, Oct.7 through Oct 18, 2015, Pianist in Ban

Graduate Assistant at Middle Tennessee University for the Spring and Fall Sememsters, accompanied and taught private piano

Had one Jazz Tune on the RIM Album at MTSA which received much airplay on WMOT-FM 89.5


June-Aug. 1986         Pianist/Conductor Opryland Theme Park, Nashville, TN

Spring Semester, First Semester of Graduate School, Indiana University, Boomington, IN

Fall Semester, Began Graduate Assistantship at Middle Tennessee University, Murfreesboro, TN

Fall and Winter, Society Gigs in the Nashville Area inclucing Accompanist for Oakland H.S.

Sept.-Dec. 1985        Pianist in Six-Piece Show/Dance Band, Commodore Cruise Lines

Aug-Sept. 1985         Pianist, Callaway Gardens Resort, Pine Mountain, GA

July-Aug. 1985         Staff Pianist, SS Norway, Norwegian Cruise Line

May-June 1985         Pianist in Trio, Cedar Point Amusement Park, Sandusky, OH

July 1985                   Toured with the show group Main Street - Robert L. Moloney Production Company, Pontiac, Michigan

Summer 1984            Pianist, Boblo Island Amusement Park, Ontario, Canada

Summer 1983            Pianist in Country Show, Busch Gardens Amusement Park, Williamsburg,VA             

Summer 1982             Pianist in Country Show, Kings Island Amusement Park, Cincinnati, OH

Summer 1981              Pianist, Sweet Charity, Fort Wayne, IN     Dinner Theater

Spring 1980                 Pianist for the musical, Fiddler on the Roof, Indiana/ Purdue University Pit Theatre, Fort Wayne, IN

Fall 1979                     Pianist for the musical, Jacque Brel is Alive and Living in Paris, Indiana/Purdue University Pit Theatre, Fort Wayne, IN

Spring 1980                 Pianist for the musical, Fiddler on the Roof, Indiana/ Purdue University Pit Theatre, Fort Wayne, IN

1978-1979                   Accompanied weekend classes for the Fort Wayne Children's Theatre

Spring 1979                 Rehearsal Pianist for the musical, Oliver, Homestead High School, Fort Wayne, Indiana (No compensation)

1975-1981                   Active as a Church Organist


Won Several First Place Ratings in the NISBOVA Solo Piano Contests during High School.

Won the Young Artist Competition Composition Award, 1981 - The Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra performed by piece Youthful Minds

Wrote the music for the original musical, Burlesque Didn't Die, which was produced by the Indiana University Union Board of the Performing Arts in 1982 - It received four scheduled performances

Won the MTSU Music Departments Composition Award - Reminiscing of Other Places at Other Times was the winning Musical Composition.

Received radio airplay of three jazz compositions on WMOT, 1988-1989

Recorded a Solo Piano CD, She's So Pretty At Noon, Spring 2001


P. O. 690725

San Antonio, TX 78269

Hm/Fax 210-688-2107 

Mobile 210-325-8013



Master of Arts in Teaching, Middle Tennessee State University,1993, Murfreesboro, Tennessee - Graduate Assistant in the Music Department, 1986-1988

 Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies, Indiana University, 1985, Bloomington, Indiana


Texas Teacher Certificate - Provisional - Life                                                                                 

All - Level Music (Grades PK-12), Secondary Music (Grades 06-12)




Aug 2001-Present:        Music Teacher, Northside I.S.D.

July 2000-June 2000:    Choral Director, Northeast I. S. D.

Aug1999-May 2000:    Choral Director, Northside I.S.D.

Aug1994-May1999:     Music Teacher, Southwest I.S.D.



Competent in using the following Software:  Cakewalk Sonar 8 (Digital Recording), Sibelius 6 (Music Notation), Sony Vegas 8 & DVD Architect 4.5 (Video Editing), Band In the Box (Music Accompaniment) Microsoft Office